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30 000 – 10 000 B.C.
(Magdalenian - Upper Paleolithic)
Finds in the caves of Rosenstein Mountain, where hunters sojourned (Bone tools: harpoons, chisels, spearheads).
600 – 450 B.C.
Hallstatt era – Finds in the caves of Rosenstein Mountain (clay fragments, tools) , burial mounds and ring-walls on the mountains Rosenstein, Mittelberg and Hochberg.
12th Century
(until 1191) Heubach and the fiefdom of Lauterburg/Rosenstein become property of the count palatine von Dillingen. The St Ulrich Church is dedicated to the most distinguished scion of their lineage.
About 1200
Heubach becomes property of Ulrich von Rechberg zu Rosenstein und Lauterburg. 1234First documented mention of Heubach. About 1250 – 1345Heubach becomes property of the family Hack von Wöllstein. 1329The patrons of the Church of Heubach are the abbot Abrecht Hauck von Ellwangen and his brother Walter. The Hacken family was very wealthy in the region during the 14th century. Ulrich der Haucke von Wöllstein becomes the church patron. 1342The brothers Albrecht and Walter Hack von Wöllstein sell the church and the patronage of Heubach to the Cistercian abbey of Königsbronn.1345Heubach becomes the property of the Counts of Öttingen, who give it in mortgage to Count Eberhard der Greiner von Württemberg. 1360Heubach is mentioned as a town. After the war of Emperor Charles IV against Count Eberhard von Württemberg, Heubach, together with the strongholds of Achalm, Rosenstein, Lauterburg as well as the town of Aalen, is exchanged against the strongholds of Karlswald (in the region of Egerland) and Parkstein and the town of Weiden (in the Oberpfalz region) and becomes part of the empire. 1376After the battle of Reutlingen, Heubach once again becomes part of Württemberg. 1385Beside the St Ulrich Church, a first mention of the St Afra Chapel and its chaplain is made. 1413Count Eberhard III enfeoffs the lords von Wöllwarth with Rosenstein and Heubach. 1524Georg von Wöllwarth builds a castle in Heubach and leaves the castle of Rosenstein. 1556Count Christoph von Württemberg acquires the church and the patronage of Heubach from the Church.
Württemberg buys Heubach back from the lords of Wöllwarth for 1800 gulden.
Heubach becomes the district town (in German: Amtstadt) for the subjects of Heubach, Beuren, Buch, Lindach, Oberböbingen, Unterböbingen, Mögglingen, Zimmern, Schönhardt and Oberbettringen.
Construction of the town hall.
Joining of the financial administrative competences of the superior, autonomous districts (in German: Oberamt) of Heubach and Gmünd.
The Heubach citizen Johann Gottfried Schneider founds a corset weaving mill which will later become the “SUSA-WERKE Schneider & Sohn” company.
Johann Gottfried Spieβhofer and Michael Braun found the Spieβhofer & Braun company. Today, the products of this company are known all over the world under the brand “TRIUMPH”.
Construction of the catholic St Bernard Church as well as of the school building in the Torstraβe.
The formation of a parish independent from the one in Böbbingen is made possible by the influx of catholics during the industrialization.
1920 (28.10)
Inauguration of the railways branch line between Heubach and Unterböbingen (closed in 1976)
Construction of a modern outdoor swimming pool which becomes an attraction pole for the whole region.
1945 (23.04 / 24.04)
Shelling of Heubach by the American artillery.
After 1945
The influx of the expellees (Heimatsvertriebene) marks the beginning of the development of large construction areas and the start of a big construction boom which will lead to a sizeable growth and far-reaching redesign of the entire town area.
Inauguration of the Schiller school. In 1957, the old school and former public writing building on the Marktplatz has to yield to the construction of a new regional bank.
The general secondary school (Progymnasium) is extended to a full Gymnasium. Heubach is now a town with all different types of schools, allowing to lead pupils through all classes up to the leaving certificate (Abitur).
Construction of a town hall and an indoor swimming pool on the Hauptstraβe.
Development of the large construction area of Rodelwiesen. Beginning of the renovation of the town centre.
750th anniversary of the town of Heubach.
The SUSA company turns 125.
The TRIUMPH company turns 100.
Lautern celebrates its 650th year of existence.
100 years of electric street lightning in Heubach.
Inauguration of three important facilities:
The nursing home “Kielwein”, the kindergarten “Am Auhölzle” and the library inside the castle.
Heubach receives the award for “Kids and Teenagers friendly town in the Ostalbkreis 1998”.
Heubach receives the award for “Kids and Teenagers friendly town in the Ostalbkreis 2003”.
Opening of the Miedermuseum (Corsetry museum) inside the castle.
The transformation of the Breuling school – elementary school in Lautern is decided.
Establishment of the museum for regional history “Heubacher Geschichtssplitter” in the castle.
Inauguration of the village square and its fountains in Lautern.
Completion of the extension and renovation of the Breuling school.
Heubach once again receives the award for “Kids and Teenagers friendly town in the Ostalbkreis”.
Establishment of the town twinning with Anderamboukane in Mali.
Addition of a canteen in the Rosenstein high school.
Completion of the roundabout in the Mögglinger Straβe.
Inauguration of the triple-split sports hall “Rosensteinhalle”
Assumption of office of the Mayor Frederick Brütting.
Opening of the kindergarten “Triumphini Kinderwelt”.
Heubach receives an award for being an “Excellent place of residence for professional and managerial staff” (Ausgezeichneter Wohnort für Fach- und Führungskräfte).
Heubach is the first town in Baden-Württemberg to offer a public Wifi network.
Beginning of the planning of the school development.
Founding of the company “Energiegenossenschaft Rosenstein e.G”, which develops projects around renewable energy. “
Completion of the construction project “Jägerstraβe II”.
Participation to the workshop “Family friendly Heubach”, organized by energy supplier “Gesellschaft für Energieversorgung Ostalb, GEO”.
The Schiller school becomes a community school.
50 years of town twinning Heubach – Laxou. 
Opening of a REWE/Rossman supermarket in June and remodeling of the town entrance.
25 years of town twinning Heubach – Lauscha.
Start of operation of the district heating network “BioEnergie Buch eG” in June.
Beginning of the general renovation of the Rosenstein high school.
Connection of the suburb of Beuren to the public water system.
Renovation of the Evangelic church of St Ulrich.
Creation of the “Stiftung Heubach” foundation
Integration into the national program “Soziale Stadt”

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