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Heubach - a brief profile

City of Heubach - where the swabian alb is the most beautiful

On the northern edge of the swabian alps and next to the A 7, Heubach appertains with its boroughs Beuren, Buch and Lautern doubtlessly to the most lovely parts in Baden-Württemberg.

The Rosenstein is one of the most distinctive mountains of the Ostalb and is with its castle ruin, various accessible caves, well-developed trails and gorgeous scenic outposts an eldorado for climbers, hikers and nature lovers.

With its great range of cycle tracks, the area invites you to challenging mountainbiking or pleasant cycling.

The long history of the town is reflected in the historical town-center. Today, Heubach is a popular and modern city with a high quality of living, all kinds of schools on site, flexible childcare, various sports- and leisure facilities, as well as great restaurants.

The rich infrastructure makes Heubach the center of a broader hinterland.

The city and its boroughs have a wide-ranging and active cultural and society life. Our museums Miedermuseum, Heimatmuseum, Heubacher Geschichtssplitter, Polizeimuseum and Haus Vetter are also worth visiting.

Especially worth seeing is the historic heart of the city with the city hall (1581) the fountain on the marketplace (1777), the Blockturm (1473) and the evangelical church St. Ulrich, originally a romanesque basilica (chorus 1441, painted passion cycle 1581). Fantastic art treasures and impressive architecture can be seen in the castle building from the year 1528. The Miedermuseum is also accommodated in this building.

Not only from the castle ruin you have a fantastic view on the city and the surrounding area; on a scenic flight, starting from our local airport in Heubach, you can even enjoy it from a bird´s eye perspective.

Heubach is a traditional site for undergarments, but offers also space for companies in the OEM-sector, LED technology or the world market leader for binding systems.

We´re looking forward to your visit!

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Stadtverwaltung Heubach

Stadtverwaltung Heubach
Hauptstraße 53
73540 Heubach
Tel.: (0 71 73) 181-0
Fax: (0 71 73) 181-49

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Rosensteinstraße 46
73540 Heubach-Lautern
Tel.: (0 71 73) 89 41
Fax: (0 71 73) 92 91 00

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