Day-care centres for children in Heubach and Lautern

The Day-care centres of the local Church communities and the town of Heubach introduce themselves (websites in German only):


In our town, special responsibility and care are given to families, single parents, children and teenagers. Through our wide-ranging day-care centres with sufficient places for all children, we are able to meet the various needs and wishes of the families and help making it possible to balance family life and career.

The focus of our work lies on:

1. The development of the personality
  • Learning about one’s abilities and skills
  • Being able to keep oneself busy
  • Standing up to one’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Developing the creativity
2. The development of social behaviour
  • Having fun with other children
  • Showing consideration to other children
  • Learning to deal with arguments and conflicts
  • Making friends
3. Experiencing the environment
  • Discovering nature
  • Protecting the environment
4. Teaching Christian values
  • In the daily contact with other people
  • Through prayer
5. Trusting collaboration with the parents

In all establishments, the children are looked after by motivated and respectful pedagogical staff who make a great job of providing quality education. All our day-care centres are multicultural. Come and visit us! Our doors are open to all and we are looking forward to meeting you!


The admission process to the day-care facilities

No matter if you decide on a Church or city institution – the registration always happens through the central registration office: zentrale Anmeldestelle der Stadtverwaltung Heubach, Frau Albert, Rathaus, 2. OG, Zimmer 30, Fon: 07173-181-54, Email:

Individual meetings with regard to your child’s admission are possible upon appointment.

Each school year begins in September and the first-time registration can be done starting from January or February (for the precise registration period, please refer to the official bulletin of the Administrative Association Rosenstein or ask the town administration).

Please note that registrations made after the official period can only be approved in consideration of the remaining available places!

Generally speaking, the admission into the desired centre remains subject to the availability of places; the selection of a specific centre is not a legal entitlement.

Even if you only intend to send your child to the kindergarten in the later course of the school year, please already register him or her at the beginning of the year; this is very important for the global planning of the school year.

In the spirit of an orderly kindergarten routine, we’d like to ask you to plan for your child to start at the beginning of the month.

Please also refer to the general conditions of admission, which have been established in agreement with the child-care centres (cf. “Aufnahmekriterien”, currently available in German only).

Registration in our registration portal Little Bird is necessary for the allocation of a kindergarten place.

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