Heubach Airport is situated in the charming landscape just in front of the Albtrauf escarpment. It is authorized for general aviation and opens daily. This allows it to claim the status of commercial airport. The airfield was built in 1961 by the “Triumph International” company as a private airfield. The town of Heubach then took it over in 1971.

The operator is the town of Heubach, represented by its mayor Frederick Brütting.
The runway has dimensions of 750x20 m and it is authorized for aircrafts up to 5.7t, helicopters, power gliders and ultralights. The yearly flight movements total an average of 20.000, allowing the airport to be economically viable. Night flight is possible, too, upon appointment. All common aviation fuels are available.

The airport’s central location in the Ostalb district as well as the good transport connections allow for commercial and industrial areas of the whole region to be quickly accessible, which is a point much valued by business people who land in Heubach.

Several companies are located on the premises of Heubach airport. “LTB Sammet” repairs and maintains aircrafts and the “Scheibe Aircraft” company builds power gliders. At the flight school “Flugschule Heubach Charterservice GmbH”, it is possible to acquire a pilot license and later charter a plane. Sightseeing flights can also be booked at the Heubach flight school. 39 planes are currently based in Heubach.

Visiting private pilots and their guest also greatly appreciate the airport. They like to combine the wonderful experience of flying with a landing in the charming neighbourhood of the Rosenstein as well as a possible stop at the airport restaurant. Both full-time flying instructors and their friendly service also contribute to the popularity of Heubach Airport.

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