Call sign Heubach Info
Elevation 1423ft / 434m
Info 123.025 MHz (de/en)
Traffic circuit North 2200ft MSL
FIS Langen Information, 128.95MHz
Location 0.8NM north of Heubach
R105/24NM LBU VOR 109.20MHz
R066/29NM TGO VOR 112.50MHz
R210/24NM DKB VOR 117.80MHz
Runway 750 x 20 m, ASPHALT
RWY 07, TKOF 750 m, LDG 750 m
RWY 25, TKOF 750 m, LDG 750 m
Coordinates N48 48.1 E009 55.7
Aircraft MTOW 5700kg, helicopter,
motorglider, ultralight
Fuel AVGAS, Jet-A1, SuperPlus DIN EN 228
Opening hours 1 April - 30 September: 0800 LOC-SS/2000 LOC
1 October - 31 March: 0900 LOC-SS
No touch & go on Saturday after
16:00 LOC, on Sunday and on public holidays
Outside opening hours PPR
Oil D80 / D100 / 15W50
MET GAFOR area 55
Customs Immigration only O/R 2HR
You can fly to/from EU/non-Schengen
(e.g. Croatia) and you can fly to non-EU
provided you have nothing to declare but
you cannot arrive from non-EU
Remarks Avoid overflying housing areas,
possible turbulence 0.5NM SE
due to mountain ridge
Operator Fon: +49 7173 6550
Fax: +49 7173 4289
Address Stadt Heubach
Am Flugplatz 7
73540 Heubach